What To Expect


I encourage you to accompany me at the inspection. I’ll familiarize you with the property and point out any problems or concerns.

You can expect your inspection to take approximately 3 hours. Each property is unique, your inspection may take more time or less. I won’t rush, I will spend the time needed to thoroughly assess the property and address your questions. I’ll also provide maintenance tips, fire prevention and energy efficiency tips.

Please prepare a list of any concerns or questions you may have so that we can address them firsthand at the inspection.

You will receive a complete and thorough inspection of all accessible structures and systems. From the roof to the basement or crawl space, electrical, plumbing, heating/cooling, garage, out buildings, etc.

I take pride in providing my clients the most thorough inspection possible. I will climb on to the roof and personally walk and assess it whenever it is possible for me to do so. Viewing with binoculars from the ground does not provide the best assessment possible.

At the completion of the inspection, I’ll go over the information that will be provided in your report. (Your report is confidential and will not be discussed with or provided to anyone without your authorization). You will receive a prompt easy to read report with photos via your Email.

My service does not end when your inspection is completed. You may call me with questions or concerns days, weeks or months after your inspection was performed.

A well informed client is my goal and best advertising!

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