Roof Leaks

Why is my roof leaking?!!

My roof is only 6 years old and I have leaks!

The list of locations and issues that can cause roof leaks is very, very long. But this is probably the #1 most common reason, your “roof shingles” aren’t leaking, your soil stack or plumbing vent “boots” are.  Soil stack boots are a flashing component of the roof system. They are rubber seals that are installed around the plumbing vent pipes that extend through your roof and prevent water from entering around the pipe. Most modern roofs are installed with this type of boot, the problem is these boots dry out and deteriorate in the sun. Typically they are cracked and leaking long before your roof shingles are worn out. Old school vent flashings were made out of lead and completely encapsulate the pipe, they lasted virtually forever. But they are more expensive and take a little longer to install (they are still used by some quality roof contractors). There are other hi-tech boot options that last as well, PVC covers that completely encapsulate the pipe.  If you are replacing your roof these options are well worth the small cost difference.  But for now if you are seeing stains on your ceilings, a good place to start is to check your boots or have them checked by a professional (climbing roofs can be very dangerous and best left to a pro).  Replacing damaged soil stack boots is a relatively small job for a roofing professional and the cost is nominal.


I hope this information is helpful as it might just pertain to your situation.

Watch my future posts for more to come.